WordPress backups automated

Enjoy a simple, secure and fast backup system for optimal tranquility and ease of use.

You can say goodbye to plugins of complex backups of use, greedy resources and disk space.

Automated daily backups

Be quiet, the loss of files or data is ancient history!
  • Your site is fully saved every day (file + database) without having anything to do with you!
  • You can create as many manual backups as you want.
  • Restore a backup is done with a single click and in less than a minute.

Unlimited manual backups

Create as many manual backups as you want. For example before embarking on critical updates or changes directly on your site in production!

You can name backups created manually to find them faster afterwards.

Fast food

When creating a new backup we only take into account files that have changed from the last backup performed. This greatly accelerates the creation time.

The restoration of a backup is just as fast and takes on average less than a minute!

Redundant storage

Your backups are not stored on your site's disk space but on Google Cloud Storage, Google's cloud storage service redundant on multiple data centers.

Thus, they do not impact your use of disk space and there is no risk of losing your data in case of an incident in a data center.

One-year retention plan

Your backups benefit from one of the most generous retention plans on the market:

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Themecloud becomes Faaaster!

Themecloud modernises and changes its name

A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...