WordPress hosting

The security of your WordPress sites is essential for your business. That is why we are making every effort to prevent attacks.

We're repairing your site free of charge In case of a hack!

Protection Astra Security Pro

The security of your WordPress sites should not be optional. That's why we integrate for free (public rate: €19/month) the powerful Astra Security Pro security solution in all our hosting plans!

Isolated environments

Unlike most hosting companies, we provide a dedicated environment in a Docker container for each of your sites.

This means you benefit from your own Nginx and PHP processes without risk of intrusions related to pirated neighbours.

Encrypted connections

Your site has a free SSL certificate to encrypt HTTPS connections.

We do not provide unencrypted access (FTP) to your server but only secure access to SFTP or SSH.

Good WordPress Practices

We apply good security practices as soon as you set up your WordPress site.

Secure collaboration

We allow you to identify yourself on all your sites in SSO (without having to enter password) to avoid having to store them in an unsafe way.

Need to share access? No problem, invite your employees directly from our interface without having to share passwords.

Read Only Mode

Want to prevent any changes to your code?
You can lock completely wp-content with the exception of the uploads folder by passing all files read-only by just one click!

Free repair in case of hack

If despite all these measures your site would still get hacked we commit to repair it and clean it completely, without charge!

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Themecloud becomes Faaaster!

Themecloud modernises and changes its name

A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...