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Save your students and trainers time by simplifying site creation and facilitating corrections and evaluations.
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Almost a third of WordPress training times are lost on installation problems, access to sites, data loss or technical errors!

Installation of WordPress by students

The installation of WordPress in local poses many problems depending on the specific environments of each student and technical problems related to a local installation.


Installation on a server is rarely automated and requires the intervention of a trainer.

Access to sites by trainers

In the case of a local installation, the trainer does not have access to the off-face site and cannot help students without having access to their machine.


In the case of a server installation, the trainer may not have access to credentials that may have been modified by the student.

Data loss

Whether in local or on a server, the data is not saved and a manipulation error can result in the complete loss of student work.


It is a considerable waste of time for the trainer and the trainer who will help him.

Faaaster solves these problems to enable students and trainers to focus on the essentials:
learning WordPress!

We manage dozens of WordPress evaluations per week. Faaaster has enabled us to automate our processes, adapt ourselves to data retention regulations and drastically reduce the time spent in support and troubleshooting by trainers.
I highly recommend!
Fabien Fons
We use Faaaster during our students' WordPress courses and to allow them to create their resume online. We are very satisfied with the simplicity and quality of customer service.
Jean-Claude Torrel
Normandy Web School

In 2 minutes

No more lost hours to have WordPress installed locally, your students can start working in 2 minutes time with a custom installation link

VS Code

In general, working on an online environment excludes the use of advanced development tools such as VS Code.

With Faaaster, your students have access to VS Code in the browser and can instantly become familiar with a professional IDE.

Site management

Trainers and proofreaders have access to all student sites Centrally and without the need to know their password.

Annotations and tools Evaluation

Trainers can annotate the students' sites to share their comments. They can also tag sites to classify and evaluate them.

Automatic backups

Student sites are automatically saved every day and can be manually saved indefinitely.

No more hours and data lost due to bad manipulations!

Our customers Love us

More than 90% opinion Five stars!
Nicolas Rivière
Nicolas Rivière
Freelance WordPress
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Very high quality accommodation and ultra responsive customer service. Do not hesitate for your WordPress website.
Aline Héau
Aline Héau
Freelance WordPress
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The WordPress hosting I expected
The speed of setting up the sites, the ease of management, the responsiveness of the support for all my practical and technical questions make me have a real feeling of confidence and security, for me and for my clients!
Emmanuelle Neyret
Emmanuelle Neyret
Freelance WordPress
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Support, security, performance, price... the best of specialized wordpress hosting.
Marc Saffar
Freelance WordPress
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Ideal partner of WordPress site creators
Parisian graphic designer, I create and develop the websites of my clients mainly with WordPress. For two years I have been hosting them exclusively at Faaaster(...) I advise Themecloud to all my graphic colleagues who want to focus on their work and stay healthy!
Mathilde Rivoire
Mathilde Rivoire
Freelance WordPress
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Before I feared the complicated problems with the hosts: it's over with Faaaster! Everything becomes easy and pleasant; They have a highly effective chat system and in French,[...] With the possibility of creating a clone of the site in one click, in short, I recommend everyone...
Xavier Lavau
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Very fast accommodation and competitive price!
Accommodation very fast. Very competent and available staff. Clear and simple back-office interface. (...) In short, I recommend that you look at this host because for me, I will transfer my other sites there as and when.

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A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...