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Faaaster gives you access to the best cloud technology and the best WordPress performance optimization tools.
Your sites are super fast as soon as they are created and without additional extension.
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CDN, server cache and
edge caching

Your pages load instant,
Whatever the location of your visitors.

CDN and edge caching

With CDN and edge caching, your pages and resources (images, css, js) are delivered from servers that are closest to your visitors.
Your pages load faster and without impacting your server, releasing resources to manage dynamic calls (dashboard WordPress, e-commerce etc.) more efficiently.

Server cache

Your pages are also cached on the server side with FastCGI, the fastest and most resilient cache system.
This allows you to optimize server resources even when edge caching is not enabled or revalidates its cache.
All this, without the need for further extension!
CDN Cloudflare implementation

No more expensive extensions!

At Faaaster, everything is managed natively by us.

Optimization of images,
CSS and JS

We automatically optimize the content of your pages
to improve the loading time.

Image optimization

Your images are automatically optimized and converted to webp format at CDN level, without additional extensions and without impacting the server load.

JS and CSS Minification

CSS and Javascript static resources are automatically minified

Want to test our performance?

We make a free peformance comparison with your current server.

Enterprise database,
and cache object

Your dynamic pages load faster,
and your site is resilient to traffic peaks.

CloudSQL Enterprise Plus

Latest generation Google Cloud database.

APCu object cache

The object cache allows you to cache PHP queries in a database.
It is ideal to speed up the WordPress dashboard and dynamics (forums, my account, LMS, e-commerce).

Google Cloud Infrastructure,
and Cloudflare

Benefit from premium networks
for one optimal ttfb .

Google Premium and Cloudflare networks

Benefit from the dedicated Google Premium fibre network and the Cloudflare global network ensuring optimal bandwidth
Google dedicated fibre network

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Nicolas Rivière
Nicolas Rivière
Freelance WordPress
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Very high quality accommodation and ultra responsive customer service. Do not hesitate for your WordPress website.
Aline Héau
Aline Héau
Freelance WordPress
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The WordPress hosting I expected
The speed of setting up the sites, the ease of management, the responsiveness of the support for all my practical and technical questions make me have a real feeling of confidence and security, for me and for my clients!
Emmanuelle Neyret
Emmanuelle Neyret
Freelance WordPress
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Support, security, performance, price... the best of specialized wordpress hosting.
Marc Saffar
Freelance WordPress
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Ideal partner of WordPress site creators
Parisian graphic designer, I create and develop the websites of my clients mainly with WordPress. For two years I have been hosting them exclusively at Faaaster(...) I advise Themecloud to all my graphic colleagues who want to focus on their work and stay healthy!
Mathilde Rivoire
Mathilde Rivoire
Freelance WordPress
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Before I feared the complicated problems with the hosts: it's over with Faaaster! Everything becomes easy and pleasant; They have a highly effective chat system and in French,[...] With the possibility of creating a clone of the site in one click, in short, I recommend everyone...
Xavier Lavau
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Very fast accommodation and competitive price!
Accommodation very fast. Very competent and available staff. Clear and simple back-office interface. (...) In short, I recommend that you look at this host because for me, I will transfer my other sites there as and when.

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Themecloud modernises and changes its name

A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...