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Faaaster gives you access to the best cloud technology and the best WordPress performance optimization tools.

Your sites are super fast as soon as they are created and without having anything to do!

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Cache Nginx Server

The Nginx cache allows to hide server-side pages and to have optimized server response times.


PHP 8.3

Benefit from the latest versions of PHP that bring significant performance gains.

Cache Subject

Object cache hides PHP requests. It is ideal to speed up the WordPress dashboard and e-commerce pages.

Mining css and js

We automatically minimize CSS and Javascript static resources.

Image optimization

Unoptimized or poorly sized images can greatly impact your performance.


Cloudflare integration

Integrate your site with Cloudflare to serve your pages from their CDN!

Google Cloud Infrastructure

Benefit from the stability and performance of the best cloud platform on the market and its own dedicated fibre network ensuring optimal bandwidth.

We also use managed Google Cloud container orchestration services that offer the best level of ALS.

Google Private Network
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Themecloud becomes Faaaster!

Themecloud modernises and changes its name

A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...