An interface designed to save you time.

Save time on deployments developments maintenance optimizations security

Themecloud is the only hosting platform designed to save you time at all stages of the life of your WordPress sites.

A new project?

Start at a glance

Start your new WordPress project with one click and enjoy a free development environment until your site is online.* You can even start from a beautiful turnkey site resting on the Build Elementor page to save even more time.Try in less than 2 minutes!

*Development environments are free only for customers who already have at least one active subscription. New users have 2 days to test the service for free.


Invite them safely

It is regularly necessary to give access to the server to several employees. Do it securely without having to send passwords by email through our team management interface.

Need to edit a file?

Do it from your browser!

Of course, we provide a SFTP connection to manage your files. But this is not necessarily the ideal solution when, for example, you want to quickly activate the cache or debug mode in your wp-config file.

That's why we provide a powerful file editor accessible directly from your browser!

Anything broken?

Restore a backup in one click

If you are a developer you know that not everything is always as planned... That's why we created a super fast backup system that allows you to create or restore a backup in an instant!

It goes without saying that we also save your site automatically every day.

Is your site ready?

Connecting a domain has never been easier

Ready to launch your site? Simply point your DNS on our platform. Our interface automatically detects their propagation and makes all the necessary modifications for you (search replaces database etc.).

You can also simply subscribe to an addon

Go to https?

It's free and instant

Benefiting from an SSL certificate for its site is no longer an option. Not having sites are in fact indicated as unsecured in modern browsers and their SEO is penalized by Google.

That's why Themecloud allows you to enjoy it for free and in one click!

Something wrong?

Access server logs in an instant

Something doesn't happen as desired?Go easily to the server logs to identify the origin of the problem.

Control freak?

Access the main metrics of your site at a glance

Do you want to track the performance of your site, its uptime rate, its consumption of server resources? That's normal!

That's why we're posting all this data in your dashboard, in full transparency.

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Themecloud becomes Faaaster!

Themecloud modernises and changes its name

A more modern and ergonomic interface, a name more aligned with our values proposal and our ambition, discover Faaaster, the WordPress hosting solution that accelerates your sites and saves you time on managing your WordPress sites!

On the program: development branches with one-click synchronization, team management, new configuration options to improve the security and speed of your sites and many other new features...